RO Outreach to Academia Continues at former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Migration Conference

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 Aug 27, 2018

The Vienna Regional Office’s focus on outreach to academia continues early next month when Regional Director Argentina Szabados addresses a distinguished audience at Macedonia’s first state University.

Ms Szabados will give an opening speech on “Migration and Refugees in a Globalized World: Responsibilities and Responses” at a conference organized by the University of Saints Cyril and Methodius in the town of Ohrid from 5-7 September.

Attending the three-day conference will be representatives from academia, international, regional and national experts, high-level government representatives form FYR Macedonia and the Western Balkans, and international students.

The purpose of the conference is to promote a better understanding of the dimensions of the world migrant and refugee situation, to exchange experiences and lessons learned, to assist in how the academic community should approach migration, to develop research projects, to raise public awareness and promote empathy for refugees and migrants.

“As the leading global migration organization we are honoured to take part in a platform that will add to exchange of academic knowledge on the subject of migration,” Ms Szabados commented. “I am looking forward to a discussion which I am sure will be both practical and intellectual.”