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Defending Migrants Rights and Dignity in Albania for 25 Years

Tirana – International Migrants Day (18 December) in Albania was celebrated by a high-level function attended by the country’s...

Displaced Communities in Ukraine Put Down Roots, Integrate in Local Communities, Says IOM Survey

Kyiv – Natalia is not from Mariupol and would not be living in this industrial city in southern Ukraine were it not for the...

IOM Ukraine Showcases Its Support for People with Disabilities

Kyiv – IOM Ukraine has been supporting the Weekend of Unlimited Opportunities, an initiative which draws attention to the rights...


Big crowds at GMFF openign event in Minsk, Belarus

SEECA Region Embraces Global Migration Film Festival

December 18th will mark International Migrants Day, first proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in 2000 to recognize the scale of the...

Mobile clinic in Yerevan for European Testing Week

Public HIV Tests in Yerevan for European Testing Week

During European Testing Week (23-30 November), public events were held in Yerevan, capital of Armenia, aimed at promoting HIV testing, informing...

Drilling Down into the Data at RO Vienna

On 21 and 22 of November the Europe Regional Information Management Working Group held a technical workshop in Vienna focused on inter-agency...


Shattered Lives, Unbroken Spirits

Kyiv — This year the conflict in eastern Ukraine, largely forgotten by the international media, will mark its fifth anniversary.

An Iconic Moment

February 2015. In the midst of the cruel Ukrainian winter a family sits in a car in the southern city of Mariupol, shaking with fear and relief....

New study on Nexus Between Migration and HIV in Belarus

Minsk – IOM and UNAIDS has issued a study on nexus between migration and HIV among different groups of migrants living in Belarus to identify the...



How Raad got back to work in Turkey

A Cut Above

A short history of IOM's 25 years of activities in Albania

25 Years of IOM in Albania

Chief of Mission Abdusattor Esoev tells Olga Pozdorovkina about the plans for GMFF 2018 in the Russian capital

Going Places: Global Migration Film Festival in Moscow


Let's share it with the world

i am a migrant is a campaign and platform. We create a place for the personal stories of migrants. We want to challenge the anti-migrant...