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Report Highlights Positive Impact of Remittances on Economy and Living Standards

Oct 29, 2007

A new IOM report titled "Migration, Remittances, and Living
Standards in Tajikistan" shows that seasonal migration and
remittances have become a strong structural feature of the Tajik

Agreement with IOM on Migration Management

Oct 29, 2007

The Russian Federal Migration Service (FMS) and IOM will tomorrow
sign an agreement to underline both parties' mutual interest in the

Counter-Trafficking Awards Ceremony

Oct 15, 2007

IOM Kyiv will hold its Third Annual Counter-Trafficking Awards
Ceremony on 18 October to honour individuals and organizations that
have distinguished themselves in the fight against human

Efforts to Engage Clergy in Counter Trafficking Reaches New High

Oct 01, 2007

More than 650 priests and clergymen including monks are now
involved in counter-trafficking efforts in Moldova thanks to
efforts by IOM and partners to engage religious personnel in the

Hotline Combats Human Trafficking, Helps Victims

Sep 03, 2007

Since its launch in April 2007, IOM‘s national toll-free
counter-trafficking hotline "527" has received a total of 1,697

Statistical Profile of Trafficking Victims Reveals New Trends

Aug 20, 2007

An increasing percentage of trafficking victims in Moldova being
married women is thought to be linked to a corresponding rise in
family members and friends becoming part of the trafficking

Ukrainian Mobile Phone Operator Takes Battle Against Human Trafficking Further

Jul 23, 2007

One of Ukraine’s leading mobile phone operators, LLC Astelit
has taken another step forward in the battle against human
trafficking in the country by informing 200,000 of their

New Funds to Help Displaced and Refugees

Jul 12, 2007

Renewed funding from the European Agency for Reconstruction (EAR)
to IOM programmes in Serbia will allow for hundreds of internally
displaced people (IDPs) and refugees to be given much needed

Strengthening Efforts to Tackle Human Traffickers in Georgia

Jul 05, 2007

A new IOM programme aimed at strengthening the capacity of Georgian
officials in tackling human trafficking and smuggling has begun
with a particular focus on targeting the perpetuators of the crime.