The Republic of Armenia joined IOM as a member in 1993. IOM activities in the country are grounded on a number of official documents signed with the Government of Armenia, including the Cooperation Agreement on Privileges and Immunities (1994) and Memorandum of Understanding (2001).

The IOM office in Yerevan was opened in 1993. The Organization's objectives in Armenia are:

  • To assist the State of Armenia in achieving border management practices that strike the right balance between control and facilitation and are consistent with best international standards.
  • To reduce and prevent the trafficking and smuggling of persons.
  • To enhance the self-sufficiency and integration of returnees, trafficked victims, refugees, internally displaced and low income persons.
  • To assist the Government in labour migration management.
  • To enhance the capacity of national NGOs to address migration issues.
  • To revitalize and develop rural communities.

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