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Over 1.4 million Albanians live and work overseas, leaving only 2.8 million in the Balkan country. Many are in the regions of Italy which have been hardest hit by the Coronavirus pandemic, including Edita Fino, who is the focal point for an IOM disapora programme.

Based in the Emilia Romagna Region, her task in quieter times is to build and strengthen relations with the diaspora community and relevant associations in Italy, engage and follow up with Albanian Diaspora members, provide information, and promote Albania in Italy as potential investment destination.

Screenshot from the IOM fundraising training for Albanian Diaspora

IOM Albania has moved its new diaspora fundraising programme online, as the Coronavirus pandemic makes face-to-face training impossible.

With a platform provided by the Albanian School of Public Administration (ASPA), IOM is working with public officials who work to engage the diaspora.

“Our programme mainly targets the Albanian diaspora in Italy, one of the counties worst affected by COVID-19”, says Manoela Lussi, IOM Albania Diaspora Programme Manager. We did not want to abandon the work we have started so we have adapted it to go online.”

Discussing Migration with Media in Albania | IOM Austria - Regional Office

IOM in Albania has been running a dynamic national information campaign as part of its project to prevent unsafe migration from Albania towards the European Union. Its main partners include the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth, Ministry of Finance and Economy, Department of Border and Migration Police, local government authorities, representatives of an anti-trafficking committee, as well as members of education institutions, civil society and media.

Labour Migration Patterns, Policies and Migration Propensity in the Western Balkans

Date of publication: 
Nov 01, 2009
The Western Balkan countries remain an area of interest to those with a stake in migration issues. Despite the region’s common recent history, the Western Balkans are very diverse as regards migration issues: some are plagued by poverty and high unemployment rates that generate large outflows of migrants, while others already attract immigrants to fill the labour shortages in certain booming sectors of their economy.

Assessment of the Recruitment Framework of Private Employment Agencies

Date of publication: 
Feb 01, 2016
The study was undertaken to evaluate the compliance of the regulatory framework of Private Employment Agencies (PEAs) in Albania with international standards vis-à-vis migrant workers recruitment. Moreover, detailed analysis of the sector will serve to develop recommendations on the ethical recruitment standards for Albanian public and private employment agencies.