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New study on Nexus Between Migration and HIV in Belarus

Minsk – IOM and UNAIDS has issued a study on nexus between migration and HIV among different groups of migrants living in Belarus to identify the gaps and build up a strategy for further work with the Government to ensure migrants’ health. The research is first of its kind done in Belarus – to the date there was no data available on specific vulnerabilities to HIV among migrants.

Tanya Orange, IOM Minsk, with a participant at an exhibition reflecting joint efforts to achieve the SDGs in Belarus | IOM Austria - Regional Office

More than 40 European and Central Asian countries are participating in the first high-level regional Sustainable Development Goals Coordination Leaders Forum in Minsk this week.

Belarus: Surviving Sexual Slavery

“A client called at night and ordered a girl. I was sleeping when suddenly I was told to go to the client. He was already drunk and aggressive. I was scared to stay with him. He made me drink and I had to obey. You feel neither pain nor shame when you are drunk. Everything goes easier. I woke up in the morning and got ready to leave when he told me to stay. He told that he had paid for the whole day and I must work it off. The door was closed. He hid the door keys and my phone. He claimed that he had paid for my services and could do with me whatever he wanted… He fell asleep soon again.

Ecological Migrants in Belarus: Returning Home after Chernobyl

Date of publication: 
Jan 01, 1997
This report presents the results of a feasibility study regarding Chernobyl-related migration issues in Belarus. The study seeks to determine the roles necessary to support and strengthen the country’s medical infrastructure dealing with the consequences of the Chernobyl accident, in order to ensure that persons who were displaced by the accident and who are again returning to the affected areas will have improved access to health services.


Belarus has actively participated in IOM activities since 1994. The office in Belarus was opened in December 1996 in Minsk, and the Agreement on cooperation between the Government of Belarus and IOM was ratified in 1999. On 29 November 2005 during the 90th Session of the IOM Council the Republic of Belarus became a full-fledged member of the International Organization for Migration.