Directors Discuss Displacement and Data in Istanbul

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 Feb 28, 2018

IOM’s Regional Director Argentina Szabados is in Istanbul this week at a meeting of senior directors to discuss the global use of IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM). Some of the discussions are focusing on Turkey, where the UN Migration Agency is running some of the biggest and most complex relief operations it has ever undertaken in favour of conflict-affected in the region.

The meeting is an opportunity for Regional Directors and DTM experts to stocktake and plan for future operations.

“We cover 25 provinces in Turkey with our Displacement Tracking Matrix, and the data collected is helping provide more information on migrants and refugees’ access to essential services,” noted Ms Szabados.

Conceptualized in 2004 in Iraq, DTM is now implemented worldwide in both conflict and natural disaster settings. It consists of four main areas: mobility tracking, flow monitoring, registration, and surveys. DTM data is used by IOM, governments, and partners to deliver humanitarian assistance to displaced populations more effectively. It is also informing policies to support governments’ efforts to manage migration better and to integrate migrant communities.

Workshop participants discussed issues related to data protection, security and governance, addressing significant risks that are associated with collecting and storing migrant data. Strengthening and managing partnerships with private and public sector organizations was also a major area of focus.

Participants shared ideas for building staff capacity through mentorship programmes, and how to brand and publicize DTM more effectively so that it becomes more visible and within and outside the United Nations.

Later this week Ms Szabados will continue on to Gaziantep, near the border with Syria, to view IOM operations and meet staff and beneficiaries.