Discussing Migration with Media in Albania

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 Jan 29, 2018

IOM in Albania has been running a dynamic national information campaign as part of its project to prevent unsafe migration from Albania towards the European Union. Its main partners include the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth, Ministry of Finance and Economy, Department of Border and Migration Police, local government authorities, representatives of an anti-trafficking committee, as well as members of education institutions, civil society and media.

An important point of reference for IOM Albania during the above-mentioned campaign was the Albanian media and the reporting features on migration-related issues that are currently being followed in the written and online Media outlets. As a result, five Albanian newspapers and online portals were monitored during a three-month period (June – August 2017), 51 articles were traced and analyzed in accordance with a specific methodology and a research study was produced accordingly. The results were discussed with a group of journalists this week in the capital Tirana.

The document includes a detailed analysis on the reporting and language trends in the Albanian Media, based on factual data collection, statistics, reports and information from several assigned resources. Elements such as: thematic representations, voices, images, and linguistic features were analyzed in detail in order to shed light on their professional standards and also grasp the extent of their influence on the Albanian public. Furthermore, the research study provides a comprehensive list of findings and relevant recommendations that were part of the discussions held with Albanian journalists today.

The discussions facilitated by IOM Albania focused on the practical examples raised in the research study, that were recognized by the Media and government representatives, and also on the solutions that should be provided for an enhanced and more qualitative reporting on irregular migration. Issues such as skills development in accordance with the local market, life-long learning activities and higher education, accompanied by local and country-based employment opportunities should be embraced and promoted by the Albanian journalists, according to IOM's study. The Albanian media should become an integral part of the international and national efforts to prevent the irregular migration of Albanian citizens and helpthem stay and invest in the development of their home country as well as make informed decisions about their future.

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