Groundbreaking Regional Strategic Exchange in Panama Builds on SEEECA’s Pioneering Spirit

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 Sep 11, 2019

Chiefs of Mission from the South-Eastern Europe, Eastern Europe and Central Asia (SEEECA) region this week gathered in Panama city, home of IOM’s Panama Administrative Centre (PAC), for the second Regional Strategic Exchange from 10 to 13 September. This strategic exchange comes as a follow-up to last year’s similar, and equally successful, exchange between the SEEECA Region’s top leadership and IOM’s Manila Administrative Center (MAC) in the Philippines. 

The exchange provided a unique forum for the SEEECA Region senior management team and PAC, which houses essential global functions, particularly Human Resources related, to engage in a focused strategic dialogue. This exchange not only strengthened and enhanced the relationship enjoyed between the SEEECA Region and PAC, but it also allowed strategic information to be exchanged, constructive feedback to be delivered, key challenges to be discussed, and innovative solutions to be developed.

“This exchange marks a unique moment for IOM,” said Regional Director Argentina Szabados, who curated the event together with Santiago Paz, Head of PAC.  “It builds upon our hugely successful meeting in Manila last year and paves the way for other regions to expand upon their intra-regional cooperation, and to more strategically capitalize upon the wide array of services that PAC offers to the entirety of IOM.  This is truly a long-term strategic investment, not only for the SEEECA region, but also for PAC and the organization as a whole”.