IOM Vienna Office to Brief Silk Routes Countries on Return and Reintegration

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 Apr 30, 2018

Knowledge gained in the field of voluntary return and reintegration of migrants who are unable to stay in destination countries will be presented by IOM’s Vienna Regional Office at the upcoming meeting of the Budapest Process Joint meeting of the Silk Routes to be held in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina on 7- 8 May.

The Budapest Process is a consultative forum with over 50 governments and 10 international organisations aiming at developing comprehensive and sustainable systems for orderly migration. It is one of the longest-standing cooperation frameworks on migration for Europe and its eastern neighbours and during its more than 20 years of operation, the Budapest Process has developed from an information sharing tool between European countries in a pre-EU enlargement setting to a far reaching Europe-Asia forum for improving migration management. 

The historic Silk Road stretched from the most Eastern parts of Asia to Europe and connected continents, countries and people in trade, intellectual exchange and brought mutual cultural enrichment. Along its many different routes - the Silk Routes - people brought news and inventions as well as treasured goods and heritage from their civilisations to share with their far away neighbours. Travel and cultural exchange increased mutual understanding, respect and acceptance between peoples of many different cultures.

The Silk Routes Partnership for Migration's main goal is to promote dialogue and mutual cooperation in managing migration flows taking place along the Silk Routes. It also promotes coordinated efforts in carrying out concrete actions aimed at fulfilling the goals and priorities established in the declaration.