Japanese Scholars Visit Moldova to Discuss Labour Migration

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 Apr 05, 2019

A delegation of Japanese academics have met with IOM  at the UN House in Chisinau to discuss Moldovan labour migration to Italy.

Dr. Tokafumi Nakajima from Gakushuin Women's College, Dr. Eri Chiriki, Wako University and Dr. Aya Sabamatsu, Keisen University, Tokyo are conducting a study on European policies on circulator migration. Their three-day visit focussed on Moldova’s experience on leveraging the development potential of migration. 

“IOM believes that circular migration is extremely important for sending and receiving countries in terms of the exchanges and capabilities that migrants can gain from the host country and bring back to their community”, stated IOM Chief of Mission to Moldova Lars Johan Lönnback during the discussion. 

Mr Lönnback and IOM Programme Manager Mr.Ghenadie Cretu updated the Japanese academics on key facts and figures of Moldovan migration to Italy, as well as on concrete initiatives on circular migration of Moldovans, the importance of evidence-base policy development, the implementation of return, reintegration and retention programmes, and  existing mechanisms to engage diaspora members into development in their home country.