Regional Director to Give Keynote Speech at Major New York Humanitarian Design Summit

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 Jun 17, 2019

Argentina Szabados, Director of IOM's Vienna Regional Office, will give the keynote speech at the Design for Humanity Summit in New York this week. 

A joint initiative of the Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs at Fordham University and the International Organization for Migration, Design for Humanity  (D4H) takes place on June 21 and aims to drive humanitarian response in a more dignified, inclusive, and sustainable direction through bridging the expertise of humanitarian and design professionals. 

The Design for Humanity (D4H) Initiative launched in 2018  at the first Design for Humanity Summit at Fordham University. More than 350 people gathered to learn from 40 innovators working at the humanitarian design nexus – proving the hunger for and the possible impact of deepening the intersection between design and humanitarian action.

This year’s Design for Humanity Summit will feature Design Dialogues and Workshops that present innovative ideas and projects that foster inclusion, dignity, beauty, and integration for people uprooted by humanitarian crises as they rebuild their lives.

“Nothing is more important to displaced people than the roof over their heads”, Ms. Szabados notes. “Home is security, identity and community. If we lose it, we lose a big part of what defines us. As humanitarians we have a moral obligation to ensure that we provide living spaces that are not only cost-effective and safe, but dignified. More than that: we must actively seek the approval of people on the move by listening as we collect their data and their stories. This requires humility on our part, an admission that we are serving, not imposing.”

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