Regional FAO meeting with Regional IOM in Vienna

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 Oct 10, 2018

The Deputy Regional Director and Senior Staff from the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) based in Budapest met in Vienna with the Regional Office’s Director and Senior Staff on Tuesday. On the agenda were discussions on areas of cooperation and of mutual interest in the SEECA region. 

The Regional Director of IOM, Ms. Argentina Szabados, noted that the work of the two organizations intersects, both in countries of destination and origin. She expressed her view that joint advocacy work could help to change the current toxic narrative on migration and support the aims of the Global Compact for Migration and the SDGs. In addition to the current country and region’s specific joint programs, a new joint proposal by FAO/IOM in Uzbekistan on support to rural households, particularly women, which are affected by labour migration was discussed.

The FAO Delegation consisted of Yuriko Shoji, Deputy Regional Representative FAO for Europe and Central Asia, Ariella Glinni, Senior Policy Officer, and Dono Abdurazakova, Senior Gender and Social protection adviser. Joining Ms Szabados were all of IOM’s regional senior management team who each gave a short overview of their responsibilities.

Ms Shoji noted that FAO/IOM cooperation had been growing since the two organizations co-chaired the Global Migration Group. FAO has recently held side events on youth, women and migration at the Geneva Sustainable Development Forum, and at a regional conference in the Russian Federation. Two further opportunities for synergy occur later in the year with the launch of FAO’s position paper on labour migration, and at the annual Committee on Food Security in Rome.

“Our meeting was both very informative and very practical” Ms Szabados reflected. “Our two organizations are partners and allies on migration issues and we look forward to strengthen our cooperation and to continue working together.”