Tackling Trafficking in Turkmenistan

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 Aug 23, 2018

IOM, the Government of Turkmenistan and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe are organizing a regional workshop entitled “Labour Migrants and Trafficking in Persons for Labour Exploitation” in the capital Ashgabat from August 27-30. The workshop brings together participants from national ministries, law enforcement agencies, as well as NGOs from five Central Asian countries and Turkey.

It will focus on challenges relating to violation of the rights of migrants, countering trafficking in persons in Central Asia, fostering a strong regional human rights response, and promoting cooperation among the participating countries.

Migration data on Turkmenistan and the Central Asian region remains scarce. However, growing economic pressures, low prices and demand for natural resources, resulting layoffs increasingly impel the population of the region to seek employment outside their countries of origin, making them vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.

The participants of the workshop will explore core human rights instruments and protection mechanisms, as well as the inter-connected responsibility and roles of the states and civil society.

The workshop is supported by the US Agency for International Development (USAID).