World Anti Trafficking Day 2019 Across the Region

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 Aug 02, 2019

IOM's Missions commemorated the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons in innovative and creative ways across the region. From poster campaigns and press conferences in Minsk and Kyiv, to concerts and art installations in Tashkent and Tbilisi, and youth debates in Khujand and Dushanbe, IOM showed that it has the ability and the know-how to communicate with at-risk communities, particularly young people 

Here's what our Counter-Trafficking experts had to say:

Sacha Chan Kam, Regional Technical Specialist, Migrant Protection and Assistance: "The effort that our missions and partners have made this year deserves to be commended. It is events such as these that inform, educate and - most importantly - that protect people, young and old, from all walks of life, from the insidious crime of modern-day slavery.”

Sanja Celebic-Lukovac, Chief of Mission, IOM Georgia: “IOM continues to work closely with the Government of Georgia and the neighbouring countries to increase accountability and ensure protection of trafficking victims. For the last two years we have been visiting the largest cities of Georgia with the “Invisible in Plain Sight” Campaign, aiming to raise public awareness and facilitate the dialogue between all agencies engaged in the field of counter-trafficking. We all have a role to play to #EndHumanTrafficking.”

Tatiana Verigo, Head Counter Trafficking, IOM Belarus: “Unfortunately, traffickers and abusers adapt technologies, use darknet portals or other special channels or networks to stay unnoticed and unpunished. Thus, it’s crucial that we raise this problem and be very vocal. We are proud to run this campaign together with the Ministry of the Interior of Belarus and UNICEF and we hope that our efforts will strengthen preventive measures, raising awareness of this dimension of human trafficking among parents. We are confident that our campaign will contribute to decrease number of sexual exploitation and abuse cases”.

Cristina Gheorghe Tranca, Chief of Mission, IOM Tajikistan: “Most of the victims assisted by IOM are referred to us by the Tajik authorities, thanks to our close cooperation in detecting and protecting victims. We are equally proud and honoured by our partnership with the Tajik civil society. Our cooperation with over 20 non-governmental organizations around the country has grown stronger over years of working together in securing legal, medical, education and psychological assistance to victims”.

Sanjarbek Toshbaev, IOM Country Manager for Uzbekistan: "This was the first ever large-scale awareness raising event with live and art installations in the heart of Tashkent (City Broadway). It was a great success, including interactive games, thematic live installations, a job-fair, info-stands, children’s play zone and so on, all of which raised public awareness, and also contributed to advocacy for policy improvement. We were very happy to have the UN resident coordinator address our event."

Etsuko Inoue, IOM Ukraine Counter-Trafficking Programme Coordinator: “As of today, IOM Ukraine has assisted about 16,000 victims of trafficking, who suffered from labour, sexual and other forms of exploitation in 76 countries, including Ukraine. IOM provides legal aid, medical care, psychological counseling, family support, vocational training and other types of assistance based on individual needs to guarantee their safe, decent and reliable reintegration into society and return to comfortable life.”