World Anti-Trafficking Day Across the Region

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 Jul 30, 2018

Focus on Borders on World Anti-Trafficking Day


July 30 is World Day against Trafficking in Persons and IOM Missions across the SEEECA region are hosting events to raise awareness of this form of modern-day slavery.

In Georgia, 20 silhouettes of trafficked persons will appear in one of Tbilisi’s main underground stations, as part of the “Invisible in plain sight” campaign. A kickoff meeting involving Georgian officials, US embassy staff and NGOs will also be held.

In neighbouring Azerbaijan, the UN Migration agency is bringing together bring together government officials, diplomats, and international and civil society organizations to discuss and publicize trafficking in persons in Azerbaijan and worldwide.

IOM Belarus has chosen the day to launch an exciting partnership with the Minsk-based global messaging system Viber. It will involve promotion of safe migration and decreasing risks of human trafficking through the creation, support and promotion of the IOM Belarus Viber community among target audience. More than a half of Belarusians use Viber and the IOM Viber community will become an innovative addition to the existing hotline on safe migration, with the information available 24/7.

Mazes will be set up all across Ukraine as part of a national interactive awareness raising event. Visitors will have to find their way out, and, in doing so, find ways to how to avoid situations of trafficking in persons. All scenarios are based on real recruitment stories. The project is aimed at developing a critical attitude to dubious job offers, training people to think calm in situations of emotional pressure, and testing visitors’ knowledge of safe migration and employment abroad.

If all the answers and decisions are correct, the visitors leave the maze without being trafficked, and at the exit meet a representative of IOM partner NGO, who delivers a brief information session and answers questions. If the visitors make a mistake, they will leave the maze through another exit, where a public commissioner will declare them a victim of trafficking, and provide information on their rights and opportunities, such as assistance from the state, international organizations and civil society.

In the Uzbek capital Tashkent, IOM is taking part in a public awareness campaign in the city's main park, and is co-hositng a TV programe dedicated t raising awareness of the issue. 

Senior staff from the Reginal Office will attend a screening of the IOM-funded film “Sisters” at the UN in Vienna , with remarks from H.E. Yury Fedotov, Executive Director, UNODC, and from the permanent representatives of Belarus,  France and Serbia.