IWD 2020 Message from DG Vitorino

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IWD 2020 Message from DG Vitorino

International Women’s Day 2020 IOM DG’s Speech  


Today, on International Women’s Day, we celebrate the achievements and contributions that women and girls have made to society, all over the world.  

Indeed, women’s contributions to society are immense, but often go unrecognized.  

25 years after the Beijing Platform for Action, a lot has been achieved globally and in different areas. But, we all know more needs to be done. We can all do better, and we must.  

We need to ensure that IOM interventions, from their inception, consider and respond to the diverse needs, roles, responsibilities and experiences of people of different genders. 

In this way, we can make sure our actions meet everyone’s needs and remove barriers to gender equality. 

Promoting gender equality also means having a hard look at our own practices.  

We need to work on our organizational culture to better operationalize the concept of equality - this also means preventing abuses and reacting accordingly when they are reported. 

We need to accelerate our strategy to achieve gender parity at all levels and in all IOM functions.  


Allow me to take this opportunity to thank all IOM colleagues, of all genders, for what you have achieved, around the world, through your actions.  

By being gender sensitive, your work is making a positive difference.   


Let us be generation equality! 

I am generation equality.  



Date of publication: 
Mar 06, 2020