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IOM and the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO University) teamed up to screen 12 GMFF offerings between 11 and 18 December. The Festival coincided with the 10th international Migration Bridges in Eurasia forum.

The opening ceremony took place on 11 December at MGIMO University with the screening of Donald Trump’s Wall, a film by Guillermo Galdos about 12-year-old migrant Fatima and her sister who are on their way to join their mother in the United States.

During the week, IOM screened 12 films that touch upon different sides of migration including A Walk on the Tight Rope, a German documentary that offers a remarkable insight into the asylum application process and Bushfallers – A Journey of Chasing Dreams, in which four young filmmakers embark on a journey to discover why Africans choose to migrate to Europe.

“Films about migrants are films about life; they give society an idea about migrants as people, not as a threat. Some people think that migration is something abstract and dangerous for society, and films destroy these stereotypes – they show the life of migrants as ordinary people,” said Sergey Ryazantsev, Head of the Demography and Migration Department at MGIMO University, and a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

IOM Moscow’s 19 screenings placed it among the top 10 most active IOM missions.

“The Global Migration Film Festival, launched in 2016, has been instrumental in conveying the message on the realities of migration, its challenges and opportunities,” noted Abdusattor Esoev, IOM Moscow Chief of Mission. “I am very thankful for the support of our partner, the Moscow State Institute for International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation in jointly organizing this year’s Film Festival in Russia.”

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Jan 16, 2019
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