Equipping Georgian Police for Better Border Management

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Over 500 tablet computers have been distributed by IOM and the EU  to Georgia's Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA). The equipment will strengthen capacities in developing intelligence-led policing and crime prevention in the country, streamlining a uniform information management on current crime trends and will facilitate a more enhanced risk analysis system. 

This donation is part of an EU-funded border management and migration governance broject being implemented by the UN Migration Organization.

In previous years, the EU and IOM have supported the Ministry in developing policies in the field of intelligence-led policing, through the engagement of experts from Belgium and Austria, who guided their Georgian colleagues through the complexities of intelligence-led policing and shared insights on effective policing practices.

The tablets will be used by front-line police officers in the towns and villages in Georgia and enable them to report crimes and incidents in real-time. The technical equipment will also give police officers the opportunity to link up to various MIA databases and report without delay to the Joint Operations Centre in Tbilisi (pictured above).

The equipment will allow police to connect to various databases, including checking border-crossing data, reporting migration-related crimes like smuggling and trafficking and ensuring more efficient border management and migration governance in Georgia.