From Victims to Leaders: IOM Azerbaijan Upskills Victims of Human Trafficking and Gender-Based Violence

IOM Azerbaijan successfully completed training sessions in the field of support for victims of human trafficking and gender-based violence

In today's job market, possessing digital and accounting skills has become an essential requirement, particularly for women with limited or interrupted formal education. It is even more essential for for victims of human trafficking and gender-based violence.

IOM Azerbaijan, in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme, has just concluded a series of training sessions to support 30 women in leadership, computer literacy, and basic accounting as part of a Counter Trafficking in Persons project, funded by United States Agency for International Development (USAID).
The Women’s Resource Centre in Sumgayit city, near the capital Baku served as the venue for these empowering sessions, designed to enhance the digital and soft skills of women from vulnerable groups in society, and help them secure safe and stable employment opportunities.

The courses encompasses computer literacy training, accountancy and leadership skills.

Konul, one of the beneficiaries who completed the accounting course, shared her aspirations for professional growth: "Currently I am unemployed, but I have a strong desire to advance in my career. I firmly believe that the knowledge I have acquired in cash accounting, income, and expense management through this course will help me to prudently manage my personal finances. I am already considering enrolling in one of the professional accounting certification programmes, which will give me an advantage when applying for jobs."

Yegana participated in leadership skills training, where she learned about leadership in the workplace and in daily life, effective communication and inspiration, conflict management, and negotiation techniques. "From the very first days of this course, I have noticed a remarkable change in myself. I now feel more confident in expressing my opinions and presenting myself," she said.

USAID's Countering Trafficking in Persons Activity, implemented by IOM since 2015, serves as a vital support mechanism for the Government of Azerbaijan and NGOs, further enhancing the country's effectiveness in preventing and combatting human trafficking, forced labour, and gender-based violence. This comprehensive initiative includes technical and financial support to civil society organisations and to shelters that offer assistance to potential and actual victims of trafficking and forced labour.

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