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Faith-Based Organizations Join the Fight Against Human Trafficking

Oct 02, 2006

A final group of priests in Moldova have been trained by IOM on
countering human trafficking as part of an effort to raise
awareness of the crime among faith-based groups.

Mobilizing Rural Communities to Use Remittances for Development

Sep 07, 2006

As the UN’s High Level Dialogue on Migration and Development
gets underway next week in New York, a joint IOM-UNDP programme in
Tajikistan is showing how migrant remittances can be successfully

New Medical Rehabilitation Centre Opens For Trafficking Victims

Jul 17, 2006

An estimated 120-150 victims of human trafficking a year will be
able to seek short-term, specialized medical and psychological
assistance at a new IOM rehabilitation centre in the Belarus

New Campaign to Promote Safe Migration

Jul 13, 2006

A campaign targeting six areas in Albania known to experience high
levels of irregular migration and human trafficking is being
launched today after a survey found little awareness of human

New Report Reveals Widespread Human Trafficking in Kaliningrad

Jul 03, 2006

A study carried out by IOM in the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad
has discovered disturbing evidence of human trafficking and
concludes the region is at risk of greater numbers of human

Improving Borders to Improve Trade and Reduce Trans-border Crime

Jun 26, 2006

A two-year IOM programme to improve the management of Azerbaijan
borders is to get underway in order to encourage the growth of
legal trade and to prevent irregular migration and trans-border

Training for Consular Officials on Human Trafficking

May 22, 2006

Moldovan consular officials based in the 10
main destination countries for Moldovan victims of trafficking have

Counter Trafficking Documentary Gets a Premiere

May 18, 2006

UNSC Resolution 1244-Administered Kosovo - A documentary following the story of two trafficked Kosovan girls, which is part of an information campaign aimed at raising awarenes

State-of-the-Art Border Management System Extended to New Area

Apr 27, 2006

The IOM mission in Dushanbe has extended
its border management programme to the Bratstvo border crossing
point, which lies to the west of the capital Dushanbe on the border