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A new anti-trafficking board game from IOM teaches Ukrainian children and young people how to be wary and protect themselves

“Liza and Her Friends Travelling the World”

Martin Nesirky, Director, UNIS Vienna, Welcomes IOM's participation at the Open Day for the 40th Anniversary of the UN presence in the Austrian capital

Celebrating 40 Years of the UN in Vienna

Explore how IOM Turkey works with local municipalities to identify vulnerable Syrian and Turkish families and assist them using technology developed by partner Red Rose

Cash Based Interventions in Turkey

Andrey Zhukov, from Belarus. Musician. Trafficking victim. Trafficking survivor.

Slave to the Music

Watch how Pavlo's life changed when he left the army

From the Battlefield to the Massage Studio

Regional Director Argentina Szabados at the Design for Humanity summit

Designing for Humanity at New York Summit

How IOM Brought Communities Together During Ramadan

Breaking Fast, Building Communities

Banned from working in the Russian Federation, Vahhobjon is now enjoying success as a tailor in his home town in Tajikistan

A Tailor-made Solution

How IOM helped a Tajik migrant settle back home

Money from Honey

Two Irish diaspora experts discuss diaspora matters with IOM Albania's Guri Daco

Expert Views at the Albanian Diaspora Summit

Mathieu Luciano, Senior Counter-Trafficking Specialist at IOM HQ discusses trafficking trends, issues and concerns on a visit to our Regional Office in Vienna

Trafficking Trends and Topics

IOM helps Ukrainian border guards with staff recruitment and gender equality. Report from Ukrainian TV

Gender equality on Ukraine's Borders

Human Trafficking Video from IOM Skopje | IOM Austria - Regional Office

Human Trafficking Video from IOM Skopje

Moscow's Dozen | IOM Austria - Regional Office

Moscow's Dozen

How Raad got back to work in Turkey | IOM Austria - Regional Office

A Cut Above

A short history of IOM's 25 years of activities in Albania | IOM Austria - Regional Office

25 Years of IOM in Albania

Chief of Mission Abdusattor Esoev tells Olga Pozdorovkina about the plans for GMFF 2018 in the Russian capital | IOM Austria - Regional Office

Going Places: Global Migration Film Festival in Moscow

IOM's sub-regional Coordinator for the Western Balkans, Peter Van Der Auweraert, explains the complexities to Euronews | IOM Austria - Regional Office

Response to Increased Migration Movements through Bosnia

Speech by Bahodir Nizomov, Deputy Minister of Employment and Labour Relations as Uzbekistan joins IOM as its 173rd member | IOM Austria - Regional Office

Uzbekistan Becomes 173rd Member State

IOM Chief of Mission in Belarus, Zeynal Hajiyev, talks to IOM SEEECA reporter Olga Borzenkova about a new IOM/UNAIDS report | IOM Austria - Regional Office

Going Places: AIDS/Migration Nexus in Belarus

SEEECA Senior Health Advisor Dr Jaime Calderon tells Going Places reporter Anna Kakushadze that migrants can be extra vulnerable to HIV and AIDS | IOM Austria - Regional Office

Going Places: Georgia Report Highlights Need for Migrant HIV Education

IOM Data Management expert Ivona Zakoska-Todorovska tells Joe Lowry all about the Displacement Tracking Matrix | IOM Austria - Regional Office

Going Places: Drilling into the Data

IOM CoM Lars Johann Lonnback on Moldova's flagship news show | IOM Austria - Regional Office

IOM's New Moldova Chief of Mission on Local TV

Incoming IOM Director General, António Vitorino's message to staff | IOM Austria - Regional Office

"Simultaneously at the service of migrants and of our member states" - Message from New DG

Regional Director Argentina Szabados on Facebook Live after her speech at a United Nations General Assembly side event on Migrant Health | IOM Austria - Regional Office

"Act Now on Migrant Health"

IOM's coordinator for Central Asia, Dejan Keserovic on cookery, culture and migration on Kazakh TV | IOM Austria - Regional Office

"Recipe for Friendship"

IOM Turkey supports school transportation programme for Syrian children | IOM Austria - Regional Office

All Aboard! Syrian Kids Go to School in Turkey

Peter Van der Auweraert, describes the main challenges and what he hopes will be a short-term solution to get migrants away from dire living conditions in the field in an interview with InfoMigrants | IOM Austria - Regional Office

"Catastrophic" Situation on Bosnian Border - IOM Representative

Hidden in Plain Sight May Be One of the Most Dangerous Forms of Trafficking | IOM Austria - Regional Office

Rescued from Slavery

Celebrating the Voices of Migration Concert | IOM Austria - Regional Office

Celebrating the Voices of Migration Concert

IOM, the UN Migration Agency, is appealing for USD 38 million to assist 340,000 people in critical need this year | IOM Austria - Regional Office

Ukraine Crisis Response

Lifting Syrians Out of Poverty and Into Brighter Futures | IOM Austria - Regional Office

Lifting Syrians Out of Poverty and Into Brighter Futures

Youth and Trafficking - Belarus | IOM Austria - Regional Office

Youth and Trafficking - Belarus

World TB Day 2018 | IOM Austria - Regional Office

IOM's Dr Jaime Calderon talks about TB

International Women's Day 2018 - Valuing Diversity on the Move | IOM Austria - Regional Office

International Women's Day 2018

Cape Rodon, where voyages from Albania have begun for centuries | IOM Austria - Regional Office

Engaging the Albanian Diaspora

Search and Rescue Craft Provided to Turkish Coastguard | IOM Austria - Regional Office

Search and Rescue Craft Provided to Turkish Coastguard

Global Migration Film Festival: Highlights from Turkey | IOM Austria - Regional Office

Global Migration Film Festival: Highlights from Turkey

IOM’s Chief of Mission in Belarus, Zeynal Hajiev, starred in “Culinary Diplomacy” on Belarus Number 1 Channel on International Migrant’s Day | IOM Austria - Regional Office

Culinary Diplomacy in Belarus

IOM Turkey marks five years of providing life-saving assistance to vulnerable migrants and refugees | IOM Austria - Regional Office

5 Years of Commemoration

Taras Seredyuk, the representative of the State Border Committee of the Republic of Belarus tells about daily work of Belarusian border guards and importance of the cooperation with international organizations | IOM Austria - Regional Office

Taras Seredyuk, the State Border Committee of the Republic of Belarus

Martin Nesirky, Director UNIS Vienna on IOM's First Recipe Book | IOM Austria - Regional Office

Martin Nesirky, Director UNIS Vienna on IOM's First Recipe Book

On 15 August, Estonian Prime Minister Ratas to discuss humanitarian operations in southeastern Turkey and northern Syria. He also met with Syrians assisted by IOM’s family assistance programme (FAP) | IOM Austria - Regional Office

Prime Minister Ratas visits IOM office in Gaziantep

In the world’s largest refugee-hosting nation, IOM Turkey is working to build a better society for refugees and host communities | IOM Austria - Regional Office

Humanitarian Training on Psycho-social Support and Conflict Transformation

Presentation of the Global Compact on Migration in Albania, on 30 May 2017, as published by the media (Ora News) | IOM Austria - Regional Office

Global Compact on Migration Presentation in Albania

The story of Diya, recipient of a grant from IOM to start her own business selling her wares as a copper engraver | IOM Austria - Regional Office

Diya, from Syria to Turkey - A copper engraver

Born with a hearing disability in Syria, life for Bra’a has not been easy. This is her journey to overcome the obstacles and have hope for the future | IOM Austria - Regional Office

A Resettlement Tale - Bra'a

Wahda is one of 300 Syrians who are starting up small businesses in Turkey with the help of IOM’s unique in-kind grants project. The programme distributes professional toolkits to Syrians to provide a steady income, decreasing dependence on aid.

Wahda - a Syrian entrepreneur in Turkey

Every day, IOM contracts over 280 buses across Southeast Turkey | IOM Austria - Regional Office

Buses for Syrian Refugee Children in Gaziantep

Ukrainian-born pianist Vadim Neselovskyi was trained at conservatories in his native Odessa and in Germany and undertook his apprenticeship around the world as a member of Gary Burton’s Next Generation Quintet | IOM Austria - Regional Office

Vadim - I am a Migrant

An architect, a student, and a father share stories about their lives after fleeing Syria and the impact of community projects on their lives | IOM Austria - Regional Office

Life After War - 3 Syrians Share Experience of Living in Turkey

Muna is a Syrian living in Turkey. She is one of over 1,800 beneficiaries of IOM Turkey’s Emergency Case Management program | IOM Austria - Regional Office

Muna, a Syrian girl learning to walk in Turkey

According to the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, over 1.7 million people have lost their homes and have been internally displaced because of the conflict in the east of Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea | IOM Austria - Regional Office

Ukraine Displacement: Rise to the Challenge

A documentary film about the people of Kyrgyzstan are coming to terms with change. A film about how they try to bridge together the tensions of their dreams of a better future and the unpredictability of a better life | IOM Austria - Regional Office

Kyrgyzstan: The Other Silk Road