Project Development, Monitoring and Evaluation

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The regional office has a dedicated unit that provides support to missions in project development, and monitoring and evaluation, to ensure high quality standards through all programming. The unit also works with cross-cutting themes such as gender and human rights, ensuring they are incorporated into our initiatives.

Project Development and Implementation

The RO conducts training and provides guidance to project developers and managers in Country Offices, guiding staff through the project cycle: from conceptualization and proposal development, to management, reporting, monitoring and evaluation. This is streamlined in accordance with the IOM Project Handbook. The RO also promotes the integration of lessons learned to support development of future interventions and project development plans.

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

M&E work in IOM is guided by its central Evaluation Office under the Office of the Inspector General. As a part of the United Nations Evaluation Group, IOM has agreed upon common norms, standards, and ethical guidelines in conducting evaluations. The Regional Office provides support to Country Offices in the area of monitoring and evaluation by overseeing M&E aspects of IOM activities, programmes and projects and assisting in their effective implementation; supporting results-based management (RBM) through linking projects to regional and global strategies, in particular IOM’s Migration Governance Framework and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Operating Framework

IOM's Migration Governance Framework (MiGOF) sets out a structure in which States and IOM can work together to address migration issues. It seeks to present, in a consolidated, coherent and comprehensive way, a set of principles and objectives which, if respected and fulfilled, would ensure that migration is humane, orderly, and benefits migrants and society.