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IOM Missions in South-Eastern Europe, Eastern Europe and Central Asia and the Regional Office in Vienna produce several publications at the regional, sub-regional and local level, covering a range of thematic areas and interests. Here you will find a selection of works available to researchers and the public, in several languages of the region. For more publications, see IOM Online Bookstore.


Labour Migration Patterns, Policies and Migration Propensity in the Western Balkans

The Western Balkan countries remain an area of interest to those with a stake in migration issues. Despite the region’s common recent history, the Western Balkans are very diverse as regards migration issues: some are plagued by poverty and high unemployment rates that generate large outflows of migrants, while others already attract immigrants to fill the labour shortages in certain booming sectors of their economy.
IOM, Marek Kupiszewski, Anna Kicinger, Dorota Kupiszewska, Frederik Hendrik Flinterman, Ilse Pinto-Dobernig

Caring for Trafficked Persons: Guidance for Health Providers




For many trafficked persons, the physical and psychological aftermath of a trafficking experience can be severe and enduring. Health providers may come into contact with victims of trafficking at different stages of the trafficking process and at different stages of their recovery. For health practitioners, diagnosing and treating trafficked persons can be exceptionally challenging.
IOM, eds. Cathy Zimmerman, Rosilyne Borland