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IOM Missions in South-Eastern Europe, Eastern Europe and Central Asia and the Regional Office in Vienna produce several publications at the regional, sub-regional and local level, covering a range of thematic areas and interests. Here you will find a selection of works available to researchers and the public, in several languages of the region. For more publications, see IOM Online Bookstore.


Moldovan Migrants' Health, Impact of the Socio-Economic Welfare

A study on health implications of the socio-economic welfare of Moldovan migrants.
IOM, WHO, UNAIDS, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Moldova

Maximizing the Development Impact of Migration-Related Financial Flows and Investment to Bosnia and Herzegovina

The hypothesis of this study is that a key migration-related objective of many BiH long-term migrants is to build up a certain level of financial capital during migration - often combined with other important skills and contacts.