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IOM Missions in South-Eastern Europe, Eastern Europe and Central Asia and the Regional Office in Vienna produce several publications at the regional, sub-regional and local level, covering a range of thematic areas and interests. Here you will find a selection of works available to researchers and the public, in several languages of the region. For more publications, see IOM Online Bookstore.


Environmental Degradation, Migration, Internal Displacement, and Rural Vulnerabilities in Tajikistan

As part of the IOM project on “Building Coordination, Training and Research Capacities of the Government of Tajikistan to Manage Migration”, this report was released in May 2012. IOM collaborated with the national Research Centre “Sharq” in the production of the report which based its finding on qualitative and quantitative surveys in four districts with various types of environmental degradation and migration concerns.
Saodat Olimova and Muzaffar Olimov for IOM

Caring for Trafficked Persons: Facilitator's Guide




Digər zorakılıq formalarında olduğu kimi insan alveri fiziki və psixoloji zərərlə bağlı olduğundan səhiyyə işçiləri tərəfindən ciddi sağlamlıq riski kimi qəbul edilir.
IOM, eds. Cathy Zimmerman, Rosilyne Borland

Targeted Initiative for Georgia (TIG) Project “Support Reintegration of Georgian Returning Migrants and the Implementation of the EU-Georgia Readmission Agreement”

The Targeted Initiative for Georgia (TIG) project “Support reintegration of Georgian returning migrants and the implementation of the EU-Georgia readmission agreement” is being implemented with financial assistance from the European Union as a leading project of the cooperation betweenGeorgia and EU Member States defined in the Mobility Partnership Declaration signed in November 2009.