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IOM Missions in South-Eastern Europe, Eastern Europe and Central Asia and the Regional Office in Vienna produce several publications at the regional, sub-regional and local level, covering a range of thematic areas and interests. Here you will find a selection of works available to researchers and the public, in several languages of the region. For more publications, see IOM Online Bookstore.


Social and Economic Profile of the Return Migrants in Albania

This document aims to draft a socio-economic profi le of Albanian returned migrants within the framework of the project “Improved social inclusion policies for vulnerable categories of migrants in Albania”.
IOM, Ilir Gëdeshi, Endri Xhaferaj

Humanitarian Border Management: better response to migration crises?

Humanitarian border management also called “border management in emergency situations” denotes border management before, during and after a humanitarian or migration crisis. Floods and earthquakes, wars and armed conflicts, or health epidemics can all trigger such mass movements of people across the border. In these situations, border guards are the front liners and their task is difficult and complex.
Lívia Styp-Rekowska

A Crowdfunding Platform for the Moldovan Diaspora

IOM Moldova engaged the NY Colombia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) in order to review the international practices and legislation, and provide concrete recommendations for Moldovan policy makers concerning crowdfunding, including ideas on how to design, promote and use such a platform in Moldova. Diaspora was consulted during the study, SIPA assessing the diaspora’s perspectives, interests, and expectations on investing in local development via crowdfunding.
Daniel Angel, Mariano Buey Fernández, Silvio Ramirez, Lucia Savchick, Ajita Singh, and Nutrawee Sungthanu

Assessment on the Protection of the Rights of Migrant Workers in Albania

The report gives an overview of the implementation of human rights of migrant workers in Albania and explores the country’s capacities for the implementation of the rights of migrant workers with a focus on institutional framework and monitoring instruments and institutions. It also examines the international and national legal framework of the rights of migrant workers.
IOM, Kosta Barjaba

Report on the international experience in the field of legal and regulatory provisions concerning crowdfunding activities

The study reviews the best international practices in regulating crowdfunding activities, proposing recommendations on implementing or adjusting the relevant legislation or regulation for countries willing to use crowd funding. The report suggests recommendations on how to regulate and/or deregulate relevant aspects of the legal framework in order to facilitate the practice of crowdfunding, and reduce any barriers to the lawful use of IT-based crowdfunding.
IOM, Iulian Rusu