The Game of Life

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The autumn sun lights the classroom in Ternopil, Western Ukraine, where children laugh as Mr. Possum, asks 11-year-old Sasha to deliver a package to his nephew in another country. Sasha hesitates, while her classmates give her advice: some suggest that she should help a stranger, others believe it’s risky.

It’s all a game, but with a deeply serious subtext. “Liza and Her Friends Travelling the World” was developed by IOM, and Mr Possum is Sacha’s teacher.

By the end of the game Sasha, who has never left Ukraine, already knows how dangerous it is to take packages from strangers. She also learns that she should not trust her passport to anyone but the relevant authorities and she comes up with a code word which would signal to her parents that she is in danger. Additionally, she gets basic tips about working contracts she can share with her parents. Sasha is young and still treats life as a game. But now she knows there are rules that are there to protect her.

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