IOM Azerbaijan Raises Awareness of Trafficking

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IOM Mission in Azerbaijan in cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Department on Combating Trafficking in Human Beings is carrying out a public campaign to raise awareness about human trafficking at the local level, within the project “Enhancing Cooperation Measures to Effectively Combat Trafficking in Persons Through Capacity Building and Technical Assistance in Azerbaijan-Phase VI” funded by the U.S Department of State, Bureau of International Narcotic and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL).

The awareness raising campaign targets vulnerable groups and the general public in Azerbaijan in the sense that not only those at immediate risk of trafficking will be targeted with direct preventative messages, but also the general population.

Vladimir Gjorgjiev, IOM Chief of Mission in Azerbaijan explained: “Through such information campaigns, our mission seeks to equip the public with the information they need to know about trafficking and access assistance when necessary.”

IOM and the Department on Combating Trafficking in Human Beings designed a series of promotional materials to raise awareness of this phenomenon in Azerbaijan. These include brochures, leaflets, posters which are going to be widely disseminated at the different events such as workshops, round tables, border crossings, at airports, schools and other public places. Promotional materials published within the campaign aim to raise public awareness about trafficking, prevent vulnerable persons from becoming victims of trafficking, and encourage people to report concerns to the specialized police department by advertising the Department on Combating Trafficking in Human Beings Helpline number.

In order to draw the attention of a wide audience to the phenomenon and its consequences, as well as to increase knowledge and response from the targeted audience, a video clip and articles presenting real stories of victims of trafficking were developed. The material produced in Azerbaijani and English languages will be disseminated through online media channels.

Currently within the campaign large posters are displayed at underground railway stations throughout the capital of Azerbaijan, illustrating different types of exploitation, labour and sexual exploitation and the violence associated with them.

 “The campaign which addresses both sexual and labour exploitation as a prevalent form of modern day slavery is a part of IOM’s ongoing initiative that aims to support governments, civil society organizations, international organizations, and the private sector to combat human trafficking in Azerbaijan,” said Gjorgjiev. “These types of information campaigns will continuously be part of IOM Mission’s ongoing awareness raising initiatives on combating human trafficking in the country.”

For further information please contact Ilgar Khudiyev at IOM Azerbaijan, MOB: +994(0)50 319 66 80,