IOM Moscow Meets Eurasian Economic Commission

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The Eurasian Economic Commission, headquartered in Moscow, is the permanent standing commission of the Eurasia Economic Union, whose member states include Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russian Federation.

IOM's Moscow Chief Abdusattor Esoev recently met Minister Timir Zhaksylykov, Head of the Commission, and his colleagues to brief them on the work of the IOM and on migration trends and toipics in the region and globally.

Minister Zhaksylykov updated Esoev on the key area of work of the Eurasian Economic Commission in the field of migration, which focuses on  labour mobility within Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and the Russian Federation. He that the Eurasian Economic Commission was actively involved in the preparation of the trecent Global Compact for Migraiton and some of its proposals were included in the text of the final document.

During the meeting the main areas of possible cooperation in the field of labour migration of common interest for two organizations were identified, including pensions for migrant workers, recognition of qualifications (experience, education, retraining, etc), and mechanisms for organized recruitment of foreign labour.

The two organizations signed a Cooperation Agreement in 2013 and the Commission holds Observer status in IOM.