Latest Migration Flow Figures

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Irregular movements have been reported between transit countries on the Western Balkans migration route. In total, 765 irregular migrants were apprehended in January 2018 in Croatia (385), Hungary (56), Kosovo (3), Montenegro (15), Slovenia (235) and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (71). This represents a 54 per cent increase compared to 498 registered in January 2017 (full breakdown here). 

IOM’s  flow monitoring data for Mediterranean shows that there were 8,501 new sea and land arrivals to Europe in January 2018. Eighty-four per cent of all registered migrants and asylum seekers arrived by sea (7,174) to Greece (1,585), Italy (4,189) and Spain (1,400) and the remaining 16 per cent were arrivals by land to Greece (393), Bulgaria (152) and Spain (782). According to available data, arrivals at the end of January 2018 are at the scale observed in January 2017 when 8,488 migrants and asylum seekers were reported arriving to Europe.

Overall, a 16 per cent decrease is observed in terms of land arrivals, from an estimated 1,582 reported in January 2017 to 1,327 registered at the end of January 2018. Looking at the country level, Italy, Bulgaria and Spain received less migrants and asylum seekers in 2018 compared to figures recorded in the same period last year, whereas Greek authorities registered 450 migrants more than in January 2018.

Migrants and asylum seekers from Eritrea (1,184), Tunisia (611), Pakistan (273), Nigeria (212) and Libya (204) were the top five nationality groups registered in Italy in 2018. The available breakdown for January 2017 indicates a change in the registered nationalities. Last year, Ivorian nationals comprised the first registered nationality (839), followed by Guinean (796), Nigerian (483), Senegalese (431) and Gambian (359) nationals.

A change in origin countries is present in the overall breakdown available for Greece. This year, Iraqi (29%), Syrian (29%), Afghan (13%), Congolese (4%) and Cameroonian (3%) nationals are registered as top five nationalities. Syrian nationals were the first registered nationality in 2017 comprising 27%, however, followed by migrants and asylum seekers originating from Algeria (15%), Congo (10%), Iraq (8%), and Kuwait (6%).

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