Tamara Goes Home

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Unable to find a job in Kyrgyzstan, Tamara moved to Russia, where a friend had promised her work.

She didn’t know that her “friend” was in cahoots with the owners of a factory. Upon arrival, they took Tamara’s documents and never paid her for her work. She was beaten whenever she tried to flee but eventually managed to escape.

Shortly after returning home, Tamara dialed 1899 on her phone - the Kyrgyz Government’s immigration hotline that USAID and IOM helped set up about ten years ago.

"The call operators were very responsive and directed me to the Dignity and Rights project for help", she remembers.

The project helped her buy some fabric and sewing equipment to start a small garment business.

Today, Tamara is able to support herself. She is known for her excellent bed sheets that her fellow villagers regularly order. She also sells her work at the weekly market. 

"I have skills, which I know I can use to earn an income", she says. "I just needed a job, an opportunity to work".