Turkey-EU Border - Ms Muge Leads the Way

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Müge Ayman is the Team Leader for IOM's operation in Edirne. Since last December she has been playing a crucial role in leading efforts in response to the ongoing crisis of migrants at the Turkey-Greece border. In the last week, Müge has been instrumental in ensuring humanitarian relief is provided to thousands of migrants and their families. We commend her and her team for their hard work during challengin times.

Over the past week, IOM teams and their partners have mobilized resources to offer support and assistance to groups of migrants moving from various locations in Turkey towards the country’s borders with the European Union.
Early assessments indicate that many of those migrants, of various nationalities, are very vulnerable, with a high proportion of women, children and families amongst them. Migrants at the Turkey-EU land border and near the Aegean Sea are without food, water, and other basic needs and many are sleeping outside in harsh winter conditions.

IOM mobile teams have provided direct assistance to more than 2,000 migrants, distributing essential items and offering interpretation services in partnership with United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the Turkish Red Crescent and the Association for Solidarity with Asylum Seekers and Migrants.

IOM stands ready to support all concerned governments with any actions which may help achieve effective migration management, that can reduce vulnerabilities and ensure that the immediate needs of migrants are met. The Organization welcomes commitments made by the EU and its Member States to address the situation from humanitarian and political perspectives.