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Migrants Warned of Dangers of Land Mines on the Balkan Route

Drowning. Assault. Gender-based violence. Extortion. Racism. These are just some of the dangers migrants routinely face as they try to enter Western Europe on the so-called Balkan route.  

To that list add land mines.  

SEEECA Countries Star in Global Anti-Trafficking Report

Countries in the SEEECA region have been singled out for special praise in the annual TiP (Trafficking in Persons) Report, issued earlier this month by the US Government.

Belarusian Authorities Receive Trafficking Training

Minsk - IOM Belarus has just completed a series of nationwide training sessions for local labour and social protection authorities.


IOM Ukraine is offering an interactive experience to Instagram users with its new digital campaign “No single portrait”.

WDATiP around the Region

From Instagram campaigns to press conferences and art installations, we take a look at how IOM is advocating for and with survivors of the lucrative and lethal crime of human trafficking.
US-based Senior Fellow and Co-Founder of the Migration Policy Institute, Kathleen Newland, keynote speaker

Diaspora Policy Must Start With Economic Policy

“Diaspora policy in a country like Moldova needs to begin with economic policy”, stressed Steven Fisher, British Ambassador to Moldova, speaking at online policy dialogue on International Remittances Day.
File photo with IOM Moldova Chief of Mission Lars Johan Lonnback (left) during the first COVID wave in Moldova

Launch of Moldova Migration Data Profile

IOM in Moldova recently released a new Migration Data Profile for the country, created by the Global Migration Data Analysis Centre (GMDAC).


Sarajevo, Where the Walls Breathe

“We suffered a lot during the war and we did not have a way to express it,” sighs Rikardo Druškić, a street artist living in Sarajevo.

Swimming Against the Odds

As athletes compete for Gold in the Tokyo Paralympics, Olympic hopefuls including disabled swimmer Alireza in Turkey, watch on. Inspired and motivated, he waits for his turn to join the Olympic games.

Crafting a Future in Serbia

Azar, Bilal and Mohamed are a strange trio – one that could only be fashioned and created in the great workshop of life.

Azar is from Pakistan, Bilal is a Kurd from the Syrian city of Qamishli, and Mohamed is from Mogadishu, Somalia. Azar


On the International Day of Family Remittances, Renate Held, IOM Regional Director for Southeastern Europe, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and Simone Giger, Head of SDC’s Global Programme for Migration and Development, look at how the financial sector can contribute to an equitable recovery

“Luck would not have happened without misfortune’s help.”

This traditional saying could eventually prove a true outcome for the plight of migrant workers and their families during the COVID-19 pandemic.