IOM has had an active presence in The Kyrgyz Republic since 1997. The Government of The Kyrgyz Republic became an IOM Member State in 2000, after being an observer since 1993. IOM Kyrgyz Republic provides comprehensive support to the Government of Kyrgyzstan on migration issues, regarding safe, orderly, and regular migration through human-rights based migration governance and providing effective protection and assistance to migrants. IOM Kyrgyz Republic is also working on enhancing the understanding of good migration governance within the international community at large, the private sector, civil society, and other partners.  As part of its whole-of-government approach, IOM Kyrgyz Republic contributes to horizontal and vertical policy coherence across different levels of the government, starting from IOM’s assistance to the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic to develop the National Referral Mechanism for assistance to victims of trafficking (adopted in September 2019) to its most recent achievement of contributing to the development of a Concept of Migration Policy 20301 (adopted in May 2021). 



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