The IOM office in Turkmenistan officially was opened at the end of September, 1997. Turkmenistan joined to the International Organization for Migration as an observer state in November, 1997. The Agreement of cooperation between Turkmenistan and the International Organization for Migration was signed in June, 1998.

The suitable geographic position of Turkmenistan between Asia and Europe makes the country very attractive as a transit point or country of destination for people from neighbouring countries where cases of troubles and military conflicts have occurred. These facts induced the Turkmen Government to establish a separate agency to deal with all migration issues, the State Service of Turkmenistan for Registration of Foreigners, in February 2003.

IOM Objectives in Turkmenistan

  • To assist Government of Turkmenistan to improve migration management;
  • To assist Government of Turkmenistan in creation of national legislation in the field of migration and trafficking in human beings in managing migration flows and prevention and combating trafficking in human beings;
  • To provide Government of Turkmenistan with development mechanisms in coordination with other government agencies, international organizations and NGOs on undesired internal migration, and prevention of expanding of human trafficking in Turkmenistan.

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